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Why Colorado Will Take Game 7

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

After falling down in the series 3-1 Colorado has managed to bounce back in terrific fashion to force a game 7. There are a few things that make this game 6 win stand out:

  1. Colorado started this game poorly

  2. Colorado's goals were not pretty - they were created off defensive mistakes

  3. Colorado is missing a large chunk of their core

Dallas should have been able to put Colorado away tonight but failed to. Now Colorado has all of the momentum and all of the confidence heading into the final match. They have also demonstrated tonight that they don't need 3 perfect periods to put Dallas away either. Games like this, and more importantly adversity like this, are what carry teams to championships. Meanwhile Dallas fans are on edge about the potential of blowing 2 second round game 7's for 2 straight years.

The chart below shows activities by Dallas and Colorado over the 6 game stretch. Notice how Colorado looks to have been the busier team in games 3-5 while game 6 appears to have been dominated by Dallas.

Other Predictions:

Vegas and New York will both close out their series' tonight.

Data provided by www.NHL.com

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