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Week 2: Bengals @ Browns

Oh man, matchup of the century right here. The NFL must have known ahead of time that ratings were going to tank so they blessed us with an AFC Championship preview to start off Week 2. The only shame here is that because of the short week, now the Browns and Bengals defenses won't have time to adjust to the others deep and complicated offensive schemes.

So with the Browns favored by 6 points which way do you go? Do you take the team that looked like trash against a good team? Or do you take the team that nearly beat a depleted roster that has been over-hyped for years?

Week 1 Stats:

Both teams had similar stats in Week 1, the difference of course being that the Browns played a respectable team. Also when the Browns did manage to win last season, they won by more than 6 points all but once:

So with all of this being said, do I trust the Browns to cover 6 points? Hell no. You can't trust a team that has yet to make a field goal. On a similar note, the Bengals didn't look great in Week 1 either so I think this is a toss up. If I had to choose, I would take the Browns to cover.

But I don't have to choose so here are some prop bets that I actually like:

C.J. Uzomah to score a touchdown (+400)

CJ was targeted 5 times in Week 1 and was Joe Burrows's highest rated receiver in terms of passer rating. The Browns also gave up 2 touchdowns to tight ends in Week 1.

Joe Mixon to have more rushing yards than Nick Chubb and the Browns to win (+138)

I think the Browns are going to win this game, I just do not know by how much. If Week 1 is any indication of the Browns's rushing strategy, it looks like Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb will be splitting snaps. This will give Joe Mixon more opportunities to pass Chubb in rushing yards.

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