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Not So Early Look: UFC Fight Night Santos v Teixeira

Its not easy being a UFC fan in the southeast. This is because your Saturdays typically go like this:

>You want to watch the fight

>Your friends want to watch college football

>You go your separate ways and are stuck incurring 100% of the fight costs

To a UFC fan, watching college football is the equivalent of watching Jon Jones fight Martha Stewart. Sure you tune in, but after the one-sided ass kicking begins you quickly feel gross and find something else to watch. So while you are watching Clemson run over Notre Dame and trying to convince yourself that the game is still interesting, might I suggest subscribing to ESPN+ and watching this card instead. Trust me, its going to be way more fun. Also, there are breaks in-between fights so you can jump back and see how badly Clemson is running up the score as much as you want.

Fighters I like tonight:

Tanner Boser (-325)

The line has moved so much on this that it probably isn't really worth it anymore, that being said Arlovski is getting close to "needs to retire" status and I think this fight puts him there.

Yan Xiaonan (-165)

Again the line as moved a lot here. Using Angela Hill as a common opponent/reference point, Xiaonan controlled the pace of the fight much better than Gadelha. I think Xiaonan's speed will be too much here as she wins a unanimous decision.

Odds I like tonight:

Eduardo Garagorri (+195)

Not saying that he is going to win, but the odds should be a lot closer here. He is an exciting fighter and could create a lot of problems for Elkins if the fight goes into the later rounds.

Glover Teixeira (+200)

I was right about this with Dominick Reyes and I am going to keep my opinion here - other than Daniel Cormier, who has performed well after fighting Jon Jones? Even Teixeira himself has struggled in his fights following his loss to Jones. This will be Santos's first fight off of his loss and history says that this is not going to be an easy rebound.

Data provided by www.ufcstats.com

Odds provided by www.bovada.lv


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