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Model Predictions for Week 11

Happy Sunday. I have been experimenting with a few different models this week and I decided to throw them all into one broad output to visualize the results. This is essentially a giant sausage which, ingested correctly, will hopefully not give the consumer diarrhea. No promises though, stay close to a toilet if you heed this model's advice.



Using Minnesota v. Dallas as the case, the model expects Dallas to either win by 1 or lose by 6 and Minnesota (I ran the teams independent of one another) to either win by 3 or tie. This means that I would expect the Cowboy's to cover 7 points based on this output. Following this method, the following inferences are made below:

Cowboys to cover 7

Jaguars to cover 10

Titans to cover 6

Rams to cover 4



This one is a little easier to understand but using Minnesota v, Dallas again, the model predicts the Vikings game to be between 46 and 48 points and the Cowboys game (again I ran the teams independently) to be between 45 and 47 points. With the total points being set at 48.5, this would mean to bet the under. Using this method results in the following inferences:


Packers @ Colts

Chiefs @ Raiders

Cowboys @ Vikings

Patriots @ Texans

Jets @ Chargers

Eagles @ Browns


Lions @ Panthers

Dolphins @ Broncos

Lines provided by www.bovada.lv

Data provided by www.pro-football-reference.com


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