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Model Picks For NFL Week 10

Obviously the model is still a work in progress. Over the past few weeks, we have seen slight improvements but so far, nothing really to brag about. In these trying times one has to ponder the possibility of quitting. But did Picasso just quit painting the Sistine Chapel? Did Thomas Edison just quit inventing peanut butter? Did Elon Musk just quit inventing Grindr? No they didn't. Probably because they never started but that's besides the point.

The Spread Model:

This model went 5-4 last week and I think there is a lot of work that needs to be done to it (its saying that Jacksonville should be favored against Green Bay, which is flat out wrong). Regardless, here are the outputs

I think these recommendations need to be taken with a grain of salt, that being said, here are the picks using the model:

Bengals +7

Texans +4

Washington +3

Jaguars +14

Seahawks +2.5

49ers +10

Giants +4

Bills +3

Panthers +6

Bears +3

The Points Model:

This model went 2-5 last week so I am going to short it.

Picks using this model:

Bills @ Cardinals Over 56.5

Ravens @ Patriots Under 43.5

Buccaneers @ Panthers Under 51

Vikings @ Bears Under 43.5

Jaguars @ Packers Under 47.5

Seahawks @ Rams Over 54.5

49ers @ Saints Over 49

Data provided by www.pro-football-reference.com

Lines provided by www.bovada.lv


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