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MLB Opening Day and the Fat Guy Index

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I was reading through Plato's Republic this weekend when I came across an interesting insight with respect to gambling:

"Can I just skip all of this shit and bet on fat guys?" - Socrates, 405 B.C.

Two things I have taken away from this:

  1. Can I make money betting on the oldest, fattest team in the league?

  2. I should probably stop trying to translate ancient Greek philosophy

Too bad I can't multitask.

Few things stand out here. First Tampa Bay has the fattest team in the league. This comes as no surprise when you visit Tropicana Field and see the size of the corn dogs that the vendors are slinging. Second, the defending champions have a good mix of age and weight. Adding a trend line adds little to this but I am doing it anyway.

Could this be because as we age we usually gain weight? Probably, but we will never know because the p-value is atrocious. I guess the last comment here is what is Seattle doing? Do they not see what it takes to win championships? Are they so concerned about fitting into skinny jeans that they are missing meals?

Games broken down by Thursday/Friday matchups:

Data provided by www.MLB.com

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