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Eastern Conference Finals: Game 5

To be blunt, I don't know how Tampa loses this game other than going full Tampa. While this is certainly possible, Tampa Bay seems to have finally put their choking ways into the past by bringing out some of their most dominate performances in this latest round. That being said, the hockey gods have a cruel and sick sense of humor so we will wait to see which way the puck bounces tonight.

I tried my best to build a visualization around pace - a way of viewing the output in the series by frequency of events. The rink views are the basic actions and where they occurred, the pie charts show a proportionality of events that follow the initial event, and the bar in the middle shows how long it took on average between these events (ideally, less time on average means the more active team).

Filtering by period, it would appear that New York has on average started games as the more active team. This activity mostly comes in the form of hits, which is also met with a high volume of hits from Tampa. The Islanders pace typically then falls off as Tampa's stays fairly consistent for 3 periods.

For teams like New York to stay alive, they need a huge effort from their goaltender. Varlamov gave that to them in Game 5 and if he stays hot, this series can go to Game 7.

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