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Did Joe Kelly Get Screwed with an 8 Game Suspension?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Yes. You can stop reading here if you want.

Just to address the whataboutism, IF Joe Kelly intentionally threw at batters' heads that is wrong too. That being said, the MLB had to see this coming when they slapped Houston on the wrist for sign stealing. So instead of laying the hammer down on the root cause of the issue, the MLB will be playing reactionary clean up for the remainder of the season. There will also more than likely be harsh punishment for unintentional actions; if the MLB so much as suspects malice players could be held to account. I say that because Kelly was all over the place in that inning and there is a chance (tiny) that those throws were not meant to be so far off the plate. For the 5 batters that he faced, Kelly threw 12 Balls on 18 pitches.

By the numbers, let's compare the punishment for the cause (Astros sign stealing) against the punishment of the effect (Kelly throwing at batters)

Total fine:

Spotrac is reporting that Kelly's fine is $375,898, which is much smaller than the $5 million the entire Houston organization got hit with. But what about on a per game basis? What if we spread Kelly's fine out over 8 games and assumed Houston's fine was for an entire 162 game season.

On a per game basis Kelly appears to be taking a harder hit than the Astros organization. What if we compare the games suspended?

Yeah I think he's getting screwed.

Data provided by www.MLB.com

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