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Can Neural Networks Write a Lil Pump Album?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The first time Gmail completed my sentence for me, I nearly shit myself. How could Google know how much I hate contacting customer service? No clue. Turns out text prediction has been a rapidly expanding field and has been used on works from authors such as Shakespeare and Melville.

But what about a real wordsmith? Not one that ripped off Roman poets or was terrified of whales; a real lyrical genius who is capable of bringing countries to their knees with the swipe of a pen. We surveyed the Lil Pump catalog to see if machine learning has what it takes to create the next great rap album.

First step is to look at what is going into the model. A word map provides a great visualization:

Wow that's beautiful. The fact that his name is one of the most used terms lets me know that he understands brand recognition. But does the computer understand him?

Probably not. That's not going to stop me from loading up Keras and Spacy aka K. Spacy and finding out. After 300 epochs and 2 hours of my life gone the model has come back reporting incredible accuracy.

Within about 50 epochs the model plateaued at 95%. So while the machine took 2 hours it really only needed 20-30 minutes to replicate the lyrical mastermind. So what now? The model has been trained on his entire catalog. We can't simply load the same data into the model for a test. This is where human intervention is needed. This is where I need to begin the lyrics and the Lil Pump algorithm can finish my sentence. But I am not a rapper. I do not have any street credentials. The best I can do here is describe my life in ways I believe Lil Pump would.

The model was trained on strings of 5 words (most Lil Pump lines are 5-7 words long) so I will input things that I say after I configure them to how think Lil Pump would say it.

Item 1: "Honey, would you please get in the car?"

Lil Pump 5 Word Summary: "Bitch jump in the Subaru"

Algorithm output: "Bitch skrrt go yuh yoom"

I felt that. Lets try another:

Item 2: "The cat puked on the floor again."

Lil Pump 5 Word Summary: "Steppin on brown rocks yuh"

Algorithm output: "The Johnny yeah and whippin' up Whitney boy"

I would imagine in this line, Pump's cat's name is Johnny and he puked in the kitchen as Pump was making the drugs. Lets try one more:

Item 3: "I'm going to eat that even though I am lactose intolerant."

Lil Pump 5 Word Summary: "Asshole servin up the gas"

Algorithm output: "Comin' at my neck ohh it's too fire"

I think we can all relate there.

So in conclusion the model isn't perfect, but its sophisticated enough to complete a fart joke and I think that is a win in itself.

Data provided by www.azlyrics.com

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