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Bets for the First Presidential Debate

I don't consider myself a political expert nor do I really care too much for politics. That being said, I am 100% watching this mess tonight. Everything in this world has been politicized and what better than watching two men over the age of 70 yell at each other over it. And since you can bet on certain outcomes, here are my favorite odds tonight:

The ratings for the first presidential debate will be higher than the 10/5 Monday Night Football game (-1800)

There is no return here but I think this is easy money. The debate has been building up for several months now and the NFL's ratings are down. This personally will also be the first presidential debate I have ever watched and I feel like its going to be the same for many others.

Biden's tie is not predominately blue, red, or purple (+1200)

To be frank, its probably going to be blue. Biden has however has been seen with a predominately gold tie with blue stripes and at 12-1 I am going to take it.

Will Biden walk to the podium wearing mask: No (+200)

Biden will be in a room full of people who have tested negative for COVID-19. If he wears a mask, he will look weak. He has already been given the nickname "Sleepy Joe" and has been criticized for not having the energy to leave his basement. He needs to appear lively and healthy tonight, his advisors should know this and keep the mask away from him.

What will be said first by Trump or Biden: Ginsburg (+150)

RBG's death will be the most recent event going into the debate tonight. I think a lot of people, regardless of party, had respect for the Justice and starting with a nice sentiment towards RBG will be a good way to humanize both Biden and Trump before the debate goes off the rails.

Lines provided by www.bovada.lv

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